Color Works Painting & Design | Kitchen Remodeling
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Kitchen Remodeling 

Kitchen Remodeling On Hilton Head Island

We are a local and established remodeling contractor here on Hilton head Island. Why does this matter? It seems today any guy with a truck and a few tools can call himself a contractor! Do you want someone who was waiting tables last month really working on the heart and soul of your house – the kitchen? Of course not and that’s why we take our job so serious here at Color Works.

Kitchen Renovation Experts

Your home is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make, so it makes sense to choose a contractor with the knowledge and experience to ensure your remodeling job goes perfectly, with minimal stress and disruption of your life. Here at Color Works, we use a streamlined process for your kitchen renovation; we’re responsible for everything, from the initial interview to determine your priorities to the final walkthrough, so you’ll only ever have to deal with one point of contact for updates and information about your project.

We’ve been working in the Hilton Head area construction business for many years, and have a strong following of raving fans and satisfied clients. Besides just being a local remodeling company, all of us here at Color Works are also residents of Beaufort County, we live, work, and enjoy the Lowcountry ourselves. That is only one of the many reasons you can rely on us for a stellar experience on your next kitchen renovation on Hilton Head!

Easy Updates For Your Kitchen

If your interested in actually enjoying your kitchen renovation, give us a call to see if we would be a good fit. Many of our clients also become friends after our projects. We know what brings value and understand how to create luxury within a client’s budget. Color Works is owned by Andrew Carrabba, who brings his gift of design and his passion for excellence to every renovation project, either big or small. Creating a team of employees and craftspeople that share this vision for luxury and value has always been a priority.

Kitchen Remodeling Work We Can Do!

New Cabinets

Update The Design

Add A Pantry

Electrical & Lighting

Change Fixtures

Expand The Laundry Room


Increase Storage

Paint & Color Change

Kitchen Renovation & Remodeling Solutions In Hilton Head Island

When it comes to remodeling your Hilton Head kitchen, there are many choices and many options to complete your project. Do you want custom cabinets? Are you making major layout changes? Do we need to move walls or change he structure? These questions and more come up on a regular basis, so be sure to work with an experience contractor who can see you renovation through start to finish. We often get calls to come in and clean up another companies disaster.  When your home is on the line, trust Color Works!

Custom Cabinets

Complete Appliance Installs

New Floor Plans

Lifestyle Changes


Let’s Start Building Something!

The skilled team at Color Works brings the expertise and craftsmanship to make your home remodeling vision a reality that exceeds your expectations. We act as your partner and always give your project the attention to detail and creativity that it deserves. We want to work with you!